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Maru's Playground

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A New World for me BaW07



Friends I have met for now


  1. Nina Liakos:


The first helpful sharing lady I contacted in yahoo mail whose words encouraged me!


  1. Nelba Quintana


The first fine lady I contacted on her holiday and welcomes me when we met!


  1. Dennis Oliver


The first enlightening gentleman I contacted on our yahoo group and who keeps saying hello wherever we met!


  1. Jose Antonio Da Silva


The first Knight on Shining Armour who came to my rescue on Skype!


  1. Cheryl Oakes


The first friendly participant I encountered from last year's experience!


Helpful Friends which picture I still do not have


Daf, Moira, Teresa, Vance, Hala and Nina Lyulkun whose page guided me to make this wiki


I deeply appreciatte all the help you all have given me during this experience with a wonderful group. ;-)


What I need to know more

1.- How to make a Podcast

2.- How to generate numbered entries here

3.- How to post pictures in a blog page

4.- How to create an office at Tapped Inn

5.- How to resize pictures to post

6.- How to modify the side bar


My Support Life System


The life model whose care encourages me to tackle courses like this! And whose patience allows it!! :D



Useful links.

WikiStylePBwiki uses standard, simple wiki formatting. Here you will find very short and useful information for using and formating Wiki.
SecondLifethat will let you create virtual identity on the net which I started exploring today.
Podomatica site for making and sharing podcast on the web, shared by Graham today



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